Everyone feels excited on the day of his or her engagement because a proposal is a special moment you promise to marry someone. A proposal is the responsibility of becoming a married couple with your partner. Traditionally, the engagement ring is the symbol for a marriage.

Everyone wants to make his or her proposal memorable in their own special way.

Partners count their wedding day as one of the most special days in their life. The wedding day should start with The Proposal as the proposal is the beginning of the marriage journey.

Setting the right stage to pop the question is crucial. So don’t go with something bland or boring.

      • Make a scene – Even if your special someone isn’t one for spectacles, they secretly will love having all eyes on them. Give a speech about how much you love them, as a crowd of people turn their attention to you.
      • Don’t make a scene – Maybe your style is more subdue and private.
      • Do a fake-out engagement – This is especially good if your intended already knows your intentions, but you haven’t formally asked yet. Organize a date at his or her favorite restaurant, or at a place that is special to your relationship. Better yet, go from their favorite restaurant to the special place. Then, look into their eyes, tell them how much you love them, and right when everyone would think this is the big moment, don’t ask. Wait until you get home that night, and as you’re saying goodnight before leaving (or going to bed, depending on what your living arrangements are), pop the question. It will put all of the surprise back into the moment, and will surely be loved.

What We Can Help With

  • Marriage proposal (ideas and planning).

  • Asking parents’ permission.

  • Engagement ring advice.

  • Marriage proposal etiquette.

  • Vow renewals.

How It Works

Initial Consultation – We will take the time to talk with you to brainstorm through any ideas or any ‘must haves’ you have for your proposal. It’s important for us to get to know you as a couple so that we can create a proposal idea that is personalized to you.

Proposal Idea Presentation – After our consultation, we will create two completely unique and magically romantic proposal ideas for you. We will take you through both ideas and you will have the chance to refine one of them until it is perfect.

Preferred Partners and Planning – We only work with partners who we have handpicked and approved. With your input we will select an exclusive location, book photographers/videographers, and start creating all of the personalized details for your proposal.

The Marriage Proposal – On the day of the proposal one of us will be with you behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly if you have chosen a public proposal that requires vendors and others to help. If you have chosen a more private proposal we can help to make sure you have not missed anything to make your proposal magical and memorable.

Some Things to Consider

        • Don’t do it on the Jumbotron at a sporting event – This isn’t an idea, its a warning. Whatever you do, do not have Gillette Stadium or Yankee Stadium or wherever your team plays put up _____ will you marry me? on their Jumbotron.

Everyone at the stadium with the same name will have a few seconds of confusion and disappointment.  Most everyone has been at a sports event or seen on a video where we have experienced the stadium setting for a proposal and unless you are within a few feet of the couple it means absolutely nothing. Besides, sporting events often mean eating bad, overpriced food in potentially poor weather conditions while the guy behind you has way too much beer. It isn’t romantic.

        • Get the future in-laws involved – Go to a public place, perhaps a restaurant or somewhere you would go on a date. When you get there, surprise your special someone with the arrival of their parents immediately after you have proposed or involve them as part of your proposal.
        • Get your future partner’s best friends involved. Remember, your partner’s friends may initially feel they have lost their friend because of getting engaged.  We see it as they are so lucky to have a new friend with you.

If your personality and style is not conducive to a choreographed proposal then there is no need to feel that you have to hire a cameraman, involve a marching band, engage a flash mob or ask yourself “Vimeo or You Tube?”

You don’t want to freak out because you can’t, or just don’t actually want to, come up with a proposal that is going to go viral.  Don’t confuse “best” and “popular on Facebook”.  Your partner may not care, so don’t be intimidated by other people’s high-concept engagements, and don’t worry about the resulting Facebook likes. We promise: They don’t make the actual marriage any better.

The engagement is about your partner. That’s not retrograde thinking—that’s just being awesome. You may have dreamed of proposing via Jumbotron—but if your partner is happiest 100 miles from the nearest athletic facility, you probably want to take that into consideration.

Here’s another common engagement dilemma that can create a lot of unnecessary stress.

      • Should I ask my partner’s father’s permission?

And here are some of the wrong follow-up questions to the “Should I ask my partner’s father’s permission?”

      • Does my partner have a socially conservative father?
      • Would my partner’s dad be mad at me otherwise?
      • Will he be mad at me no matter what?

The right questions are:

    • Does my partner want me to?
    • Would my partner find it charming and in line with their values, rather than creepy and paternalistic?
    • More important: Is, in fact, is my partner’s father the best person to ask? Maybe the best person is my partner’s mom, or my partner’s brother, or the grandparents who raised my partner.

We grow up with all kinds of ideas about proposals, and some of them haven’t kept up with the reality of life in 2016.

The When

This is our favorite area of discussion, because it’s the one we see screwed up most. Take Jay, who took his then-girlfriend to Paris for a super-romantic weekend. She was pretty sure he was going to ask—but he just kept putting it off, until she thought he’d changed his mind. He asked her literally while walking back from the restaurant their last night there. It all worked out, but if he’d kept to his schedule, he would have asked her the first night, and they would have had an amazingly romantic trip to Paris. As it happened, they both spent most of the time nauseated—Jay because he couldn’t get his act together and his GF (now wife, thank goodness) because she thought he’d changed his mind.

The Where

Again: It doesn’t have to be center-stage in a pubic space. Maybe home is too far on the other end of the spectrum. But neither does it have to be the stock-standard fancy restaurant—especially one where you don’t have a history, which you’ve chosen just because it feels “grown up.” Make a list of the five places where you’ve already had a terrific time. Chances are, the best place to ask is one of those.

The Who

You know this already. You’ll also want to consider whether your partner would be excited to share the moment with their nearest and dearest—maybe yes, maybe no. Some families love to be there for occasions like this; others are naturally more private. This falls under “things you can learn from your partner in a discreet manner so you are more successful in the “ask”  even if the whole thing isn’t entirely a surprise.”

The Why

A lifetime of happiness, or thereabouts.